What is the purpose of the Alano Club?

The Alano Club of Santa Barbara is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been helping local people with alcohol and other drug problems to resume an alcohol and drug free life since the early 1960s.  Its purpose is to provide people in recovery with a safe and clean place to gather for recovery meetings, fellowship and recreation, in a supportive environment in which people can work at changing their lives.  The Alano Club is home to over 52 meetings a week for 12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, cocaine Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Over Eaters Anonymous and other recovery groups, serving close to 1,000 people a week.

What happens at the Alano Club?

The Alano Club is located at the corner of Garden and Cota Streets in Downtown Santa Barbara.  It is a site for Recovery meetings, fellowship and recreation.  It is a place of hope for those who are suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction; a place to go when afraid, or lonely and suffering.  It is a resource to the recovery community, a support for the families and loved ones of those struggling with alcoholism and addiction, and most of all, a place where miracles occur.

What is the history of the Alano Club?

By its own traditions, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) cannot finance or lend its name to any outside organization, so “club houses” for recovering alcoholics sprang up in the 1930s soon after AA’s founding.  Initially called “24-Hour Clubs,” and operated apart from AA by recovering alcoholics, these institutions met the need among recovering people and their families for companionship and sober recreation, and soon came to be called “AA’s second miracle.”  Alano Clubs are the most common among the thousands of recovery clubs around the world that provide “safe haven” to travelers who are recovered alcoholics and addicts as well as a social hub for the local recovery community.

What is the Alano Club’s budget?

The annual budget is $130,000.  All revenue comes from membership dues, 12-Step meeting rents, Café sales and community donations and grants.  The Alano Club owns its building – and has a $385,000 mortgage.  Major expenses are mortgage, property tax and Club supplies.

What does it mean to become an Alano Club volunteer?

The Alano Club seeks volunteers for one-time projects, for committee membership and for leadership positions.  Time commitment can vary from one month to one, two, or three years.  You do not have to be involved in a 12-Step program to volunteer. Anyone can apply for a volunteer position – but all volunteers must be free from substance use.  An application can be picked up at the Alano Club Café and then returned to the Alano Club at PO Box 91030, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-1030.  There is an interview, screening and training process for all volunteers.  Areas for involvement include:

  • Public Awareness
  • Volunteer Recruitment & Training
  • Community Outreach
  • Finance and Administration

Why volunteer for the Alano Club?

The Alano Club is a membership organization.  There is only one paid staff position.  All other Club functions are performed by members and volunteers.  Serving the Alano Club also means serving men and women of all ages and race who seek support in recovery from drugs, alcohol, and other afflictions.  As a volunteer, you can learn new skills, utilize your expertise and make community connections.