Alano Club of Santa Barbara

Welcome to the Alano Club of Santa Barbara!  We’re a non-profit corporation designed to bring a message of experience, strength and hope to those seeking recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.  The Club hosts approximately 28 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week, representing 20% of all meetings in the Santa Barbara area.  The meetings at the Club have helped thousands of alcoholics and addicts recover over its 40 year history.  The Club’s location and accessibility to all have made it a highly effective station in the local recovery community.

The Alano Club also offers newly recovering alcoholics and addicts a place to go to take a break and have a cup of coffee with men and women who understand the program and the process of recovery.  The stricken come to the Club to find support and learn about a way out from their seemingly hopeless lifestyle.  They get to see that recovery has happened to others and that they have a chance to follow a similar path.

Alcoholics Anonymous does not finance or lend its name to any outside organization.  The Alano Club is an outside organization, separate and distinct from AA, Alanon, or any other 12-Step group.  Each meeting held at the Club is conducted as an autonomous group, and each group pays rent to the Club to help pay expenses.

Rent from meetings covers only a small portion of the Club’s expenses.  The Club has played a role in the community for nearly 50 years due to the willingness and generosity of volunteers, as well as financial support from the Santa Barbara community.